Martin Reintges

Game Development


Sleepy Sheep

My first published game 

Sleepy Sheep is a private project in cooperation with an artist.
We started this project to test if our workflow is suitable and to learn the process of publishing a game. 
While developing the game it was most important to design the modules for reusability to speed up development of following projects. 

The Game
The sheeps are coming back home for the night and you are in control. Swipe to let them jump and bring them to their enclosure, while the obstacles change every time. Every sheep you saved is turned into a sweet dream. Those dreams can then be send to friends as a good night greeting card using the mobile share functionality.
There are also highscore and achievements. From time to time I am sending push notifications to remind players of the game. Even though it was not created to generate money you can watch an video to get a continue.