Martin Reintges

Game Development

Pub Brawl - "Ale to the Horde"


PUB BRAWL – Ale to the horde is a humorous multiplayer

beat’em up, developed by Martin Reintges and Wolfgang Tröstler.

In the game you slip into the role of a strong orc. As you sit in

your favourite tavern after a long day of plundering, fighting and

doing other orc-things, you only want to enjoy your after work

hours. But as usual, one of your fellow horde-colleagues is

looking for trouble. And in the blink of an eye you find

yourself involved in a legendary pub brawl.

With bare fists, objects like glasses and barrels or even the

furniture of the tavern each player has to fight in a „last-man-

standing“- battle against the other orcs.

The game comes with various features and game modes: campaign – pub crawl, pub brawl and skirmish.

The Horde goes greenlight

A while ago this project started as a small fun brawler to be played with friends in front of a TV. This was achieved but the Horde doesn't stop there. The new goal is to make it to Steam using the greenlight process. The collected feedback will be used to further improve the game. Then we will contact Microsoft and Sony to finally make it to the original target platforms. 

Links will be provided as soon as the websites are online. Your support and feedback is highly appreciated.

The pub burned down

For the moment this project is not going forward. At some time we will build up the pub again and enjoy the good ale.