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Martin Reintges

I'm Game Developer for several years now. I studied "Game Technology & Producing" at Saxion Enschede - University of applied science. 

Click here for my CV (Not up to date)

I learned programming in C++, creating and managing databases and electrical engeneering at the professional college for three years.

Before I started the study I had to serve at the german military for six month. After that I worked at a local company till the start of the study to fund it.

The year between my qualification and the study the Saxion Enschede developed plans for the courses "Game Technology"/ "Game Creation". Instead of studying Informatics with a spescification on game development I was able to learn game development in detail.

Now I am in the first group of game developers from the Saxion and I'm able to form & improve the course to achieve the most possible.

I was working as an intern at Gameforge Mobile GmbH for practical work experience. I was working as "Unity3D & Flash Developer". Another half year was spent for two specializations: A.I. and OpenGL shader. The minor took place at Gameforge for mobile connection optimizations and P2P network access.

For the final piece, my graduation, I joined flaregames. Five month focus on shader development for a brand new title. The project was about managing the planning and organization as well as the actual creation of a high performance mobile water shader.

I really like to develop games from brainstorming to polishing the final game.

The video below is from the first quartal of the first year. Our task was to create a video about the part that drives us - "What is my RedBull?" 

I took the "Meet the sniper" video from TeamFortress 2 and turned it into "Meet the game developer".