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I'm Martin Reintges. I studied "Game Technology & Producing" at Saxion Enschede - University of applied science. In summer 2015 I received my "Bachelor of Information and Communication" degree.

Years of work experiance during the study helped me to find my way into the indurstry. GameJams and private projects corroborate the knowledge and understanding in all areas of game development.

Have a look at Sleepy Sheep - My first "From idea to store" game.
Work in progress project: Idle Cooking Game

Have a look at my projects or read more about me.


Idle Cooking Game

While I was working on several Unity Asset Store packages, my teammate Wolfgang Tröstler started to design and develop an Idle Cooking Game for mobile. The game is about your own restaurant and crew. Cute - Fun to watch. Highly customizable. Automated employee behaviour. 

3 month into prototyping I joined the project to speed up the technical development and refactor some systems. We will setup the open beta test soon and hope to have a release candidate for soft launch in december. 

Links will be posted here.

Mesh manipulation

A good friend of mine asked me if it would be possible to have an explosion effect for his sci-fi game. He wanted all faces of his units to split up when they die, so i started working on this shader.
After a while I recognized that this could be something other are interested in as well and improved the usablity and effect variation. All effects are demonstrated using the default Unity Sphere to show the potential of the mesh manipulation on objects.

Unity Asset Store:

Step By Step

I was asked to make a presentation for a local gaming event. I decided to talk about my experiances with the UnityAssetStore, because most of the present peapole are developing with Unity.
While working out the presentation and documenting the steps necessary I figured why not making an actual UnityAssetStore package of it.

Unity Asset Store:

Water Shader

As requested I have rebuild the water shader I have done as graduation project. With the focus on creating a good asset store product There are several shader categories like Color, Texture and Natural and each with variants as Reflection, Depth, etc.. I have also added Debug shader to be able to check every render step of the shared code file.

Thank you already for the feedback and the recommended improvements. I'm on it.

Unity Asset Store:

Heightmap Generator

This package was mainly a technical demonstration. It is able to create a heightmap by object collider using raycasts. These textures can then be saved and used for games. Because this is quite slow I added the heightmap renderer. This one is outputting the cameras Z-Buffer into a RenderTexture for realtime heightmap generation. The drawback is that Rendertextures cannot be saved to a file. 

Unity Asset Store:

Endless Heros

This was a 3 weeks project that was started after the internal game development of Gameforge has been stopped. The initial idea was to figure out if our team (me as programmer and Wolfang Tröstler as artist) are able to create a game similar to Nonstop Knight

The game was shown to the CEO of Flaregames the publisher of Nonstop Knight. Both of us have been hired by Flaregames.

It worked out as a proof of what we are able to achieve and we stopped working on a store version in respect to our new Employer. 

The pub burned down

At a late point in time the pub will be reconstructed from the bottom up. 

Pub Brawl - "Ale to the Horde"
The Horde marches towards greenlight

A while ago this project started as a small fun brawler to be played with friends in front of a TV. This was achieved but the Horde doesn't stop there. The new goal is to make it to Steam using the greenlight process. The collected feedback will be used to further improve the game. Then we will contact Microsoft and Sony to finally make it to the original target platforms. 

Links will be provided as soon as the websites are online. Your support and feedback is highly appreciated.


Magic AR

First time AR experiance, by doing a favor for a good friend. 

The project was about showing a 3D model at the correct card as part of a card trick in a magic show. The project was a quick prototype but it was very interesting looking into some AR solutions.

Holo shader

After the success of the first Unity Asset Store package we paused Pub Brawl - "Ale to the Horde" to develop the hologram shader package. The revenue of this package is reinvested into the development of Pub Brawl - "Ale to the Horde".

The holo shader package enables you to use greate visual effects by drag and drop the material onto your objects.
Can easily be used for holo effects as well as sci-fi environments and objects.

Unity Asset Store:

Distortion shader

The first Unity Asset Store project was a distortion shader package, which originally was developed for the Pub Brawl - "Ale to the Horde" project. 

This distortion shader package enables you to add scene distortion by drag and drop the prefab into your scene. Included are simple image distortion and advanced render texture distortion shader.

Can easily be used for heat or ice distortion. Even useable on particle systems, because of optimized rendering.

Unity Asset Store:

Example video:

Pub Brawl - "Ale to the Horde"

After several years of cooperation with Wolfgang Tröstler as artist to create mobile games, we agreed on going back to PC / Console game development. 

The game is under active development. The idea is to have drunk orcs in a fantasy pub brawl.


Hammerzeit IV

Another year, another HammerTime at Gameforge.

The topic was "growing". In our game the central brain unit has to set focus to attributes as aggression or survival. This will result in worker adapting the new mindset and have other behaviors. Using this correct you can grow mentally and get new creatures and the workers will cause a physical grows of the swam.

Graduation - Shader development

In February 2015 my graduation project at flaregames began. The project was to develop a water shader for a mobile game taking place on seas and oceans. The goal was to achieve a high performance water shader that allows the artists to create a suitable and unique look for the game. 
Graduated with A+(UK), 1.0(DE), 9(NL)

Sleepy Sheep

Sleepy Sheep is my fist game I developed in cooperation with a former artist colleague from sketch to publishing in the PlayStore. The game is extreamly simple but the game was the first step of many. It implements some additional modules, created to be reusable for following projects.


Play Store

Good bye once again

Thank you for this second period of work, fun and again so much that I have learned. 

Hammerzeit III

Winner of Hammerzeit III at Gameforge 2014

Free Minor - Mobile network connections

The minor was a self organized project work at Gameforge. I researched possibilities to optimize the connection from mobile devices to the server and P2P. The minor took place at Gameforge and it lasted five months. Devilvered was a network library for C# that can be extended very easy and does support TCP, HTTP, WebSocket and Bluetooth for Android. Utilities as Seralization, Compression and Encryption are included as well.

Specialization II - A.I.

The second specialization was about smarter unit behavior of real time strategy units. I decided to make a theoretical research so I had more time for technologies and methods instead of spending half the time for implementation. That way I was able to combine multiple technologies to achieve a new level of unit behavior. The covered domains are:

- A.I. Basics (A.I. structure, threat detection, extended grouping)
- Offensive (threat avoiding, terrain analysis, unit pre-orientation)
- Defensive (base-network, checklist, groups, unit types, defending spots, 
                    local defending, air defense)

Specialization I - OpenGL shader

Eight weeks of research about OpenGL light effects & performance are past. I will continue working on shader technologies for personal interest. The covered domains are:

- Shadow map (low res shadow map & soft shadowing)

- Normal mapping

- Performance

Good bye Gameforge

Six month and so a really awesome internship are over. I hope we will see each other again.
Thank you for...
...a unique experiance
  ...six great month
    ...a lot of fun
      ...all the support more than a job
          ...being more than colleagues


The second game jam form Gameforge is over - Hammerzeit²
Thanks to my team: Evil Koalas 
Have a look at NanoBash


The new year of study started and with it my internship at Gameforge Mobile GmbH. For six month I will develop games as "Unity3D & Flash Developer" and support my team as good as possible. 

Thank you Gameforge for the great chance!

Docks Trailer

The official game videos for "Docks"

Public Twente Gaming Event

On 5th of July Twente and Saxion University for applied science organize the Twente Gaming Event. An excellent opportunity to experience the Twente hospitality and creativity. This event takes place at the technical museum Heim in Hengelo. Experience the new Thales gaming area: a partnership between Heim, Saxion and Microsoft.

Saxion gaming Students developed new games for the Thales area, focused on teaching and experiencing younger children the challenges of technology. This concept will be expanded, during the next years, towards the new robotics and Biobased Energy areas. In addition to this, T-xchange will give a seminar about serious gaming.